Five Flight Attendant Hacks

Well, guys, guess what? Just like that I’m no longer a flight attendant at my airline. I quit two weeks ago, started a new job and enrolled back in school. I loved being a flight attendant for the past five years and enjoyed my job, but it was time for a change. Continue reading “Five Flight Attendant Hacks”


A Day in the Life 04/09/2018

12:10 AM, my alarm goes off, I wake up, confused and sleepy-eyed…. WHY is my alarm going off at this hour, I think to myself. Then I remember, oh yeah, you have to get ready for work. I go into the bathroom and start getting ready. Today consists of a quick makeup and hair routine because I need to get out the door by 1:00 AM. I change into my uniform and finish packing my suitcase. In the kitchen, I stuff my lunch box so full of food it barely zips up. I load up the car and hit the road. It’s time for my 3 1/2 hour commute to my base. The highways are dark and empty besides semi-trucks. I drink my cold brew and listen to a couple of Tim Ferriss podcasts and stay alert as I can. I see a shooting star and make a wish. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a shooting star!

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