My New Favorite Kicks


I have to say, the best new fashion trend has to be… drumroll….

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Oh My Lans, I Broke My Highlighter

Has this ever happened to you? I’ve broken drugstore makeup products before and always tossed it. Not today! Not with this high end highlighter I purchased. It’s Becca’s Champagne Pop and it’s on the pricey size. I don’t usually buy expensive makeup, but I did buy this a year or two ago. It’s really pretty! To be honest, I’ve found drugstore highlighters just as good. Anyway, you can save your makeup by doing this….

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I Baked My Boyfriend Crack Pie and This Is How it Turned Out


Last month was my boyfriend’s birthday and he requested Christina Tosi’s Crack Pie (from Momofuku Milk Bar) for his birthday dessert.  I think it was a really busy weekend or I got in late the night before or something, so I was unable to make it. I know, I know, I’m horrible!  I tried to make up for it and baked the pie for Valentine’s Day.
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I’m in the Mood for Love…

IMG_3400Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Thoughts on Valentine’s Day?  Too commercial?  Too cheesy? Or do you LOVE it?  I think it’s a fun day and I’ve always enjoyed it, but I’m not one of those girls that expects a romantic steak dinner (although, that does sound nice) and a bouquet of long stemmed red roses (well gosh, that sounds lovely as well… maybe I am that girl??).  Do you have any favorite Valentine’s Day memories?  Most of my memories are from when I was a kid.  I remember scratch-and-sniff Valentines my mom would order every year for me to hand out at school.  I remember making a gigantic Titanic Valentine’s Day box one year (it won first place in the contest, by the way.  Ahem).  I remember one year my dad giving me a geode as a present and my mind was blown.  I was that kid that had a huge rock collection.  Should’ve became a geologist.

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Welcome to Wanderlust Pig

Well, this is my official post welcoming you to my new blog, Wanderlust Pig.  I guess this should’ve been the first blog post I wrote, but it wasn’t.  I think I was too excited, hit the ground running and started posting as soon as I created the website.  No intro post necessary!  Soo, backstory… grab a snack, settle in, I’ll try not to be too long winded.  But seriously, get a snack.  I’m thinking cookies and coffee.

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My Top Five Go-To Cocktails

Long gone are the days of ordering Miller High Life at the bar.  I’m just kidding… I’d never had Miller High Life until this past year.  Apparently it’s the champagne of beers.  I’ve never been a huge beer drinker, and while I do enjoy them, I’m more of a wine or cocktail person.

I used to panic when it came down to ordering drinks at the bar because one, I’m the most indecisive person in the world when it comes to ordering food and beverages (anybody that knows me will agree), and two, I didn’t know many cocktails and would order something basic like I don’t know… vodka club soda?  Uhhh rum and coke?

I’m older and slightly more wiser now.  Here are my Top Five Go-To Cocktails I order:

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