San Francisco

I apologize for such late posts on San Francisco and Spain!  It’s been almost a month since we got back home.  I thought I’d start with San Francisco.  My boyfriend was there for a conference and I joined him for a couple of days of fun on the west coast by nonreving on my flight benefits.  He was still at the conference on the first afternoon I was there so I walked around the neighborhood where our airbnb was, shopped, and ate tacos and frozen yogurt.  I love all of the beautiful plants and flowers!

That evening we dined at Chef Chris Cosentino’s restaurant, Cockscomb, and it was amazing.  I think we pretty much devoured everything we ordered.

Grilled cheese with duck egg & honey

Raw button mushroom cacio e pepe with grana padano, lemon & black pepper.
(I must have deleted the picture) It was button mushrooms shaved super thin tossed with cheese, lemon and seasonings.

Duck fat cauliflower with chili, garlic & mint

“Dirty” crispy potatoes with pickled peppers and country ham puree

Bacon chop with pretty ribbons of rhubarb.  I can’t remember what else was with it, exactly.  I tried to look it up online but it looks like the bacon chop changes with what vegetables are in season.  I think it may have been fava bean greens.

You guys, those potatoes were crazy good. I think they may have been our favorite… although I always love a good grilled cheese.

The next day we rode the BART to get Blue Bottle coffee before going to the San Francisco MOMA.  How very San Franciscan of us!  We love going to art museums and go to one when we visit a new city.

We walked to the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace which was AWESOME if you’re a foodie; I could have spent all day in there. We sampled oysters and I think they’re growing on me.  What else did we try….

Oh this S’mores pastry from Dandelion Chocolate was delicious.  We also tried a cannelle.

We bought some bread from Acme Bread Company, some wine, olives, and cheese from Cowgirl Creamy and planned on taking it to a park and have a picnic.  Unfortunately, I ended up dropping our expensive cheese and olives all over the sidewalk.  Romantic picnic CANCELED.  Way to go, Emily.

We visited Fisherman’s Wharf, took a gander at Alcatraz, and made a pit stop at In-N-Out Burger.

We stopped for pizza at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana and oooh boy…. that pizza was GOOD.  The crust was amazing!  It was light, crisp, slightly chewy.  I’m sooo going to have dreams about it.

Dinner was at Chef Danny Bowien’s restaurant, Mission Chinese, in the Mission district of San Francisco.

Thrice Cooked Bacon with rice cakes, bitter melon, tofu skin, scallion, black bean, chili oil.
We had a few delicious cocktails at White Chapel gin bar, which we loved. We’re big gin drinkers and the drinks we had there were incredible.  Other good bars we went to: Trick Dog and Bar Agricole.

The next day we had brunch at Dominique Crenn’s, Petit Crenn, the cutest little French bistro.  I ordered a rich and indulgent croque madame.

The Painted Ladies were close by so of course we had to go see them and take a few selfies + have some Lady Falcon Coffee.

Then we visited the Presidio, Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point, and Lombard Street.

At the Presidio there was a big picnic that was DOPE.  There were a ton of people and food trucks.  I had a sundae from Bi-Rite Creamery with strawberries and sprinkle cookies.

That night we went to Trick Dog, a taqueria in the Mission district, and walked down Valencia Street.  I had to catch a flight early in the morning so we wrapped things up fairly early that evening.  Then we had one day off before flying to Spain!  To be continued….


A Day in the Life 04/09/2018

12:10 AM, my alarm goes off, I wake up, confused and sleepy-eyed…. WHY is my alarm going off at this hour, I think to myself. Then I remember, oh yeah, you have to get ready for work. I go into the bathroom and start getting ready. Today consists of a quick makeup and hair routine because I need to get out the door by 1:00 AM. I change into my uniform and finish packing my suitcase. In the kitchen, I stuff my lunch box so full of food it barely zips up. I load up the car and hit the road. It’s time for my 3 1/2 hour commute to my base. The highways are dark and empty besides semi-trucks. I drink my cold brew and listen to a couple of Tim Ferriss podcasts and stay alert as I can. I see a shooting star and make a wish. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a shooting star!

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Lexington Love

I told you last month that I’d been visiting Kentucky a lot – a few time to Louisville and twice to Lexington. We stay downtown Lexington and it’s a pretty cute little area. I didn’t have a ton of time (or money) to explore but I did manage to take a little walk.

Lots of horse/racing themed murals and statues everywhere

I walked by Mary Todd Lincoln’s childhood home!

I needed coffee by this point so I stopped into a lovely coffee shop called Daily Offerings.

I hardly ever order drip or pour over coffee – not that I don’t enjoy it! I just love milky lattes and cappuccinos so much. Daily Offerings was great! The latte was delicious and the space was great for studying or getting some work done.

I didn’t stay long though, because I had food on my mind, and one item in particular:The Kentucky Hot Brown. I’d heard of this open-faced sandwich and never had one before. What better time than in Kentucky?? I went to Stella’s Kentucky Deli for this Kentucky Hot Brown.

So it’s toasted bread with roasted turkey on top, bacon, tomatoes, and mornay sauce. Mornay sauce is Bechamel with Gruyere cheese. I have to say, it looks pretty sloppy, but it tasted delicious!

Have you ever had one before? So what else did I miss out on in Lexington? I’d like to go back sometime soon!

Lattes in Louisville

IMG_3439 (1)

This winter was the first time I’ve been to Louisville, Kentucky.  I’ve had a layover there every single week this month.  Next week I go to Lexington, Kentucky.  What is going on in Kentucky these days?!  I’ve never flown into Kentucky so much in my life.  It’s not even horse racing season!  Anyway, unfortunately, every time I’ve arrived in Louisville it’s been extremely late at night due to flight delays.  Also, it’s been freezing cold.  Then the other day it was 80 degrees!  I forgot to pack clothes other than workout stuff, so I put on my gym shorts, laced up my sneakers, and finally left the hotel…

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