My Top Five Go-To Cocktails

My Top Five Go-To Cocktails

Long gone are the days of ordering Miller High Life at the bar.  I’m just kidding… I’d never had Miller High Life until this past year.  Apparently it’s the champagne of beers.  I’ve never been a huge beer drinker, and while I do enjoy them, I’m more of a wine or cocktail person.

I used to panic when it came down to ordering drinks at the bar because one, I’m the most indecisive person in the world when it comes to ordering food and beverages (anybody that knows me will agree), and two, I didn’t know many cocktails and would order something basic like I don’t know… vodka club soda?  Uhhh rum and coke?

I’m older and slightly more wiser now.  Here are my Top Five Go-To Cocktails I order:

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