Labor Day Love

Labor Day Love


Hello everyone!  Long time no post.  I really haven’t done any wandering at all lately, with the exception of wandering downtown Springfield.  My partner and I moved downtown and it’s been pretty nice to be able to walk to restaurants, coffee shops, bars, venues — even a bakery!  There’s a little bakery called European Cafe that’s pretty nice.  We also like going to the tiki bar Golden Girl Rum Club; they have lots of fun, tropical tiki drinks.  Oh, and there’s a library just down the street as well.  Although, I haven’t done much reading at all lately, except textbook reading.


I’m continuing the endless school journey and have another full schedule this semester.  I also have a new job at a travel agency so that’s been fun, although a bit stressful when combining it with school.  Lots to learn.  Perhaps there will be more travel for me in the future!  I know certain I’ll be wandering somewhere in January so stay tuned for that.


How have you all been?  I hope you’re having a relaxing Labor Day weekend!  I thought I’d just pop in and say hello and post a few pictures I took downtown.  You can also find me on the gram where I waste way too much time.



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