Christmas in OKC

Christmas in OKC

img_2106Here’s a little secret: Oklahoma City is a gem in the Midwest.  I feel like most people think of OKC as being super boring, and if I didn’t know better, I would probably agree with them.  But it’s not!!Guys, OKC is super fun and hip and there’s a million things to visit and places to dine.  OKC is five hours from where I live, but the drive isn’t too bad.  On the way there’s that giant McDonalds in Vinita, and the famous Blue Whale of Catoosa. 

The above picture is one of Automobile Alley, a trendy area in OKC known for its 1920s brick buildings adorned with vintage neon signs, remnants of the area’s Model T–era car dealerships.  Midtown is also very nice, along with Bricktown, and the Paseo Arts District.  The art museum is awesome, and fairly close to downtown there’s a park with a ferris wheel.  There are a ton of little cute shops everywhere.

This trip we went to Factory Obscura — an Oklahoma City-based art collective creating immersive experiences and challenging you to participate and explore your full senses.  I loved this!  It was so much fun and so weird.



We also went to the Myriad Botanical Gardens, which I loved. I’m always down for a good botanical garden.  Thanks, Mom.

We didn’t get to try as many restaurants as we wanted, but we still ate at two that were really delicious: We had a French brunch at Cafe Cuvee and Mexican at Barrios.

Crouque Monsieur
Breakfast Sandwich


You’ll have to check my Instagram for full descriptions on those items.  I’m too tired tonight!  I can’t wait to try more restaurants in the city.  I think there’s a pretty good bar scene, too, but that’s something we didn’t explore this time.

Also, Oklahoma City has a SUPER Target!  And those are the best.  We went to a bunch of new stores for me, including the Container Store.  It was difficult getting out of there without spending a ton of money, but I managed okay.  Thanks for stopping by and reading about glorious Oklahoma.  I’m excited to go back and do more things in the spring.  I’m thinking Frontier City and the Chuck House for a chicken fried steak.

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