Pumpkins & Black Cats

I hope everyone had a good Halloween!  We had a pretty good one here, and I hope you enjoy my pineapple pumpkin carving pictured above.  I carved that after a couple of Old Fashioned cocktails so I’m pleasantly surprised it turned out as well as it did.

In other spooky news, my sister adopted a black kitten named Frank!

Look how cute he is!!

He’s sooo cute, but man, what a handful.  He likes to mount my back whenever I’m sitting at the dinner table.  Or jump up and grab the drawstring on my sweatpants and pull them down.  I came so close to getting a kitten when I was with my sister at the humane society.  Maybe someday.  And maybe a puppy, too….

Have a good weekend!  Don’t forget to fall back on Saturday night.  Also, keep your fingers crossed for me on Sunday.  I’m competing in an athletic event and I’m scared.



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