Joanna Gaine’s Banana Bread

Joanna Gaine’s Banana Bread


I’ve thumbed through Joanna Gaine’s Magnolia Table cookbook a few times when I’ve been at Target (their line Hearth & Hand is so cute!) and the banana bread recipe always calls out to me.  It’s so simple, but it looks so good!  The recipe for “After School Banana Bread” is slightly different from most banana breads because it’s baked in an 8×8-inch baking dish instead of a loaf pan, and it’s dusted with granulated sugar before baking.  I found a link to the recipe from this blog… 

I followed the recipe exactly except I used browned butter (because browned butter makes everything better), and I sprinkled the top of the bread with cinnamon-sugar (because cinnamon makes everything better).  Oh, and I used chocolate chips instead of nuts (I love pecans in banana bread but I didn’t have any on hand).  It was great!  I ate a couple of slices and froze the rest, so now I can have a banana bread treats for future mornings.


What have you been cooking or baking lately?  Anything that’s really inspired you?  I’ve been thinking about making a sourdough starter and diving into bread baking.  I wasn’t able to do it in the past because I was gone so much.  Oh, and I’m contemplating if I want to make kombucha anymore.  I’ve been brewing booch for nine months now, and well,  it’s a lot of work; you have to constantly be making kombucha to keep the scoby alive.  And well, I’m pretty tired.  I think I may let the scoby rest in peace.

I think this in my head a lot.

5 thoughts on “Joanna Gaine’s Banana Bread

  1. Interesting! That is so different to bake it in a square (or rectangular, if doubled) pan. Doesn’t that make it a cake though, instead of a bread? This is basically the same recipe as my long time favorite of James Beard’s, but this one has DOUBLE the bananas and no milk. (Oh, and it uses brown sugar instead of white.) I will definitely try this. Did you ever see that banana bread that has long slices of bananas imbedded in the top before baking? That would be good here, particularly with the sprinkling of sugar.

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  2. I would recommend getting a book called The Bread Bible. I totally geeked out with the science behind starters, yeast etc. Although with your pastry background you may know this already😀

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