Caboodle Conundrum

Soo, I really haven’t bought any new makeup or skincare products in months it seems.  BUT, the other day in Target I spotted a section full of Caboodles, but with new designs and colors.  They’re back!  Do you remember when Caboodles were popular?  Did you have one?  This is what they looked like:


I never had one… ( I think they may have been a little bit before my time) but I’m pretty sure my best friend in junior high had an old one that she stored her Clinique makeup in, along with her Love’s Baby Soft Perfume.

Anyway, I always wanted one, so I decided it was my time.  I bought my first Caboodle! Mine is this black and white one.  I love it!  It’s great for organizing makeup and being on the go.  It holds A LOT.  Like it’s a beast; you can really cram a lot of makeup in there.


So my conundrum is…. am I too old for a Caboodle?  Am I the only one that likes them?  Did I make a bad purchase?  Will it hold all of my brown lipstick and scrunchies?

Oh and check out this Emily Noel Youtube video on Caboodles.




8 thoughts on “Caboodle Conundrum

  1. Omg, I haven’t seen one of those in decades! I would have sent you the one that lives in the back of my haven’t-lived-at-home-for-years daughter’s closet. They hold so much stuff and they’re indestructible, so enjoy!💄💄💄

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