MO Food Truck Fest

MO Food Truck Fest

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the 4th annual MO Food Truck Fest.  The festival was held downtown Springfield in a field next to the Springfield Expo Center.  We got there about noon and it was HOT – like ninety degree-sunny hot.  I don’t know about you, but when it gets that hot I don’t have the biggest appetite.  Or the only thing that sounds good is ice cream or cold beer….

I had to work later in the day so beer wasn’t an option, unfortunately.  My companion and I wandered around the grassy area for a few minutes, contemplating what to try.

Holy Cow sounded good, although a little heavy.  It’s vegetarian/vegan Indian food, which is right up my alley.  I could probably eat Thai and Indian food every day of my life.  I’ve heard good things about Twisted Mike’s; it’s gourmet fries loaded up with all kinds of toppings.  Gooey’s Grilled Cheese had the longest line of any of the food trucks – so long that it scared us away.

We settled on Twisted Tacos and stood in a very long line for a lobster taco and Walking Taco.  They were okay.  The walking taco was a good idea for an event like this because there wasn’t anywhere to sit down or place your food.  We enjoyed the lobster taco but would have preferred a grilled corn tortilla.


Forget about what I said about not wanting anything heavy.  I suddenly had the urge for fries!  And cheese curds and gravy.  I was feeling Canadian and ordered some poutine from BeaverTails.  BeaverTails is an Ottawa-based mobile food chain that specializes in fried pastries and poutine.  This particular food truck was from Fayetteville, Arkansas.


I also ordered a Beaver Tail topped with Nutella, peanut butter, and Reese’s Pieces.  Both were okay, but not great, to be honest.  The dough for the Beaver Tail was really cool… kind of like a stretchy, chewy, light pizza dough.


Overall, we thought the MO Food Truck Festival was fun and would go back again.  I think they need more seating and tables (there was only one small tent to sit at).  I also think it would be better if they blocked off a street and had the event there, and maybe not on the same weekend as Cider Days.

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