Five Flight Attendant Hacks

Five Flight Attendant Hacks

Well, guys, guess what? Just like that I’m no longer a flight attendant at my airline. I quit two weeks ago, started a new job and enrolled back in school. I loved being a flight attendant for the past five years and enjoyed my job, but it was time for a change.I’m not saying I would never do it again, but for now my feet will stay grounded. I’m still planning on traveling whenever I get a chance, but in reality, it won’t be like before.

So here’s some flight attendant hacks I’ve learned over the past five years.

1. If you pack a lunch in a lunchbox, keep your food cold with an ice bag. I was able to refill the bag with ice throughout the day and keep things chilled. Also great for head injuries 🙂

2. I’ve worn a lot of pantyhose in my day, and I’ve ripped a lot of pantyhose. I wonder how many pairs I ruined in my first year – I’m sure a lot! I eventually got better about not ripping them, but every once in a while it does happen. In that case, I would put a bit of clear fingernail polish on the rip and it would seal it, preventing the rip from spreading. Hey save those hose however you can! They get expensive.

3. Often times I would work 12 hour shifts on hot airplanes. How did I make my makeup last all day? I’m so glad you asked! First I would spray my face with coconut water priming mix and let it dry. Then dust your face with some sheer powder. After that apply your makeup as usual. Finish with a spritz of setting spray or more of the primer mist, and your makeup should be good to go. If you wear eye makeup, definitely use an eye primer.

4. A sound machine is CRUCIAL if you travel a lot for your job and sleep in hotels. I can’t believe I waited so long to buy one. This is the travel-sized sound machine I bought on Amazon and I really like it. It drowns out outside noise from the halls. I like a fan/ac on while I sleep and sometimes the hotel’s fan isn’t loud enough. This sound machine has a fan noise and it lulls me right to sleep. You might also want to purchase a mini humidifier if you travel a lot. I have a cactus one.

5. Often times the hotel curtains won’t completely close all of the way, letting in light and disrupting your precious slumber. No bueno, after getting in at two AM. Take the hangers from the closet and clip the curtains closed. Voila, no more of that pesky sunshine.

Do you have any travel tips, tricks, hacks?? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Five Flight Attendant Hacks

  1. Wow! No more flying…for the moment. That’s going to be a big change. I hope all your dreams come true with your new adventures. 💚💙💛. And don’t they say it’s never a mistake to try something new? And that staying too long at something that isn’t completely working is the bigger mistake…

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