O Pioneer Woman!

O Pioneer Woman!

Springfield Missouri is only a little over three hours from Pawhuska, Oklahoma – AKA home of the Pioneer Woman. QUEEEN. My mom and I took a day and drove to Pawhuska to visit Ree’s Mercantile; the Mercantile is a restaurant, bakery and store. Ree and Ladd Drummond spent years renovating the hundred-year-old Osage Mercantile building on Main Street so that they could welcome visitors from near and far.

My mom and I waited an hour to get in on a Wednesday afternoon. Buttt, it was at noon, in the middle of summer. I’m sure the wait is better and worse at times.

The inside is decorated cute!

Bakery items

Our appetizer. You can’t go wrong with queso! This one had hatch green chiles.

I ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich. I recently realized how much fried chicken I’ve been eating lately. Need to cut back on that.  It’s just like in my blood, you know??
The menu was pretty eclectic… they had three different chicken sandwiches, lasagna, tacos, Asian noodle salad. It was kind of all over the place. I think maybe it was based on all of Ree’s favorite or most popular recipes.

The sandwich was huge! Pretty intense with the buffalo sauce, but good. My mom ordered French dip and liked hers too. Was it the best meal we’ve ever eaten? No, but it was real tasty and a fun experience.

We shopped the mercantile next. I didn’t buy anything but there were some cute things.

Next we went to the bakery to order pastries.

I ordered a strawberry cupcake, apricot-almond twist, and a cream cheese danish. They were all delicious. I devoured the cupcake on the drive back home.

The next part of our journey was visiting the Pioneer Woman’s lodge where she films for Food Network. I believe Ree and her husband originally built the lodge for guests to stay at when they came to visit. The lodge is free to visit, but you can only visit certain times of the week during specific hours, and of course sometimes it’s closed to visitors. We lucked out that day because it was open! Oh, also don’t forget to visit the Mercantile first because they’ll give you a ticket to get in the lodge.

The lodge was about 15 minutes from town. You have to drive down gravel roads, through the fields, past the horses and cattle before you reach the lodge. You won’t believe how much land they have.

It was beautiful! I think the view was my favorite part of this trip.

The lodge is HUGE…. we’re talking two large kitchens, a large living area, a smaller living area, multiple bathrooms, four large bedrooms and a bar area.

I was pleased to see the tequila at the bar 🙂

Future bathroom

This area was really cool! It contained all of the Pioneer Woman’s dishes and props for the show.

It was a fun day and I recommend visiting if you’re in the area. The best part was I was able to spend so much time with my sweet mama!

Have you visited the Mercantile? Are you a fan of the Pioneer Woman? I really admire how successful she is! She’s quite the business woman and it’s amazing how she’s grown her brand over the past few years. I used to read her blog back in the day and remember really enjoying it, especially her stories about how she met Ladd. Her show is entertaining, too. I’ve caught a few episodes when I’ve been over at my parents’ house. My mom makes her mashed potato recipe for Thanksgiving every year and they’re goooood. There’s at least a pound of butter in them!

Let sleeping dogs lie

2 thoughts on “O Pioneer Woman!

  1. Thanks for this, Emily.

    I first heard of the Pioneer Woman and The Mercantile about six months ago and would love to take my foodie daughter there. Not sure how I’d like lining up to get into a store though – I wonder what it’s like at other times. Weekends must be crazy there!

    I certainly wouldn’t mind having a little place like the lodge to hang my hat. That kitchen is to die for!! And the racks of dishes and such! I hope I’ll be able to pry my daughter away!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Linda! I think you guys would have a great time. I think it was super busy because it was summer/vacation season. I bet the line wouldn’t be so long now. Also, that was to get into the restaurant. You can go into the store and bakery upstairs without waiting in line.


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