The Pizits Food Hall

The Pizits Food Hall

I’ve enjoyed having Birmingham, Alabama as a layover for the past year or so. I mean, if you do stuff during the day and don’t stray too far from the hotel, that is. We stay downtown and there’s a lot of shops and restaurants within walking distance.

My friend Christine told me about a food hall to visit next time I was in Birmingham, called The Pizits Food Hall.  The hall is located in a historic building in downtown Birmingham and features a variety of food stalls.

I love food halls so I knew I had to go! Luckily I had a layover in Birmingham just the other day. I arrived right after it opened which was a good idea, because by the time I left it was packed.

Busy Corner Cheese & Provisions

Ono Poke


Alabama Biscuit Company

This is where I settled in to have my lunch, because I like to pick the heaviest possible thing to eat before going to work. I kid! But seriously, I love chicken biscuits.

The biscuit was light and flaky and made with whole grains. I don’t know how you use whole wheat flour in a biscuit and it turns out that light. Bravo, Alabama Biscuit! The chicken was incredibly good, too; juicy and perfectly fried. The biscuit was slathered in Alabama white sauce which is mayo based barbecue sauce, then topped with shaved celery and mustard seed.

I saved just enough room for dessert – a tamarind paleta from Lichita’s.

The Pizits is a good time if you happen to be in the Birmingham area. I wanted to try a lot more food but I was by myself. It would be fun with a group of people. Oh and there’s a bar and some shops in there, too!

Do you have a favorite food hall?


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