The Great Ozark Mountain Camping Adventure

The Great Ozark Mountain Camping Adventure

Before you get tooo excited, let me just tell you this wasn’t much of an adventure. It was borderline Glamping.

You see, I’ve never been camping as an adult. I went camping on the beach in Texas one time, and I think there was a camping trip in Arkansas when I was little. I don’t remember either experience because I was so young.

So my partner and I loaded up the car and we headed into the Ozark hills for a night of camping in the woods.

Can you believe there was no phone service in our camping hideout? None. That means I went over TWELVE hours without getting on Instagram. 🙂

I built my first tent!  Kind of.  I assisted.

We also made a roaring fire and played some yard games: bocce ball, horseshoes, and glow-in-the-dark ladder ball. The latter was my favorite.

Instead of beer, we classed things up a bit and made gin & tonics with a splash of Aperol. How cute are those little umbrellas and straws?! Who says you have to drink Bud Light on a camping trip?

Dinner and dessert was my favorite part because I’ve never cooked over an open-fire like that. No hot dogs for us! We made cast iron-pressed burgers topped with cheddar and bacon.  We wrapped rocks with foil to press the burgers with.  How inventive!  I felt like I was really living off of the land.  Dessert was S’mores made with Reese’s peanut butter cups. It was delicious!

I think the campfire burger was one of the best burgers I’ve had, just because of the experience and cooking over an open fire. We went to bed that night happy and full, and sleeping in the tent wasn’t too bad after having some gin.

I think I’d like to try camping again, maybe in the fall when it’s a little cooler. Do you like camping? What’s your favorite thing to do while camping, and what do you like to cook?

FIRE! + Bae Leg

3 thoughts on “The Great Ozark Mountain Camping Adventure

  1. I love camping! Being outside is the best. I like that I can just relax and not really care about the things I usually stress about, including my appearance – ha! It feels so carefree. Glad you had fun!

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