Titilating Tuesday

I can’t seem to concentrate today and settle in to write a blog post. I keep checking Instagram and getting up to eat French silk pie.  Tippins, French silk, as a matter of fact.  Did everyone have a good Easter?  Ours was good! It was a combo Easter/birthday celebration.  It was kind of crazy, per usual; lots of kiddos running around, Easter bunny costumes, Passover face mask-wearing.

I thought I’d share a few random things with you today.  A few months ago I bought a bunch of Chocolove on sale and now I’m addicted.  I have to eat a little dark chocolate every day now.  My favorite is the salted almond butter.  Swoon.  It’s soo good.  Do you have a favorite brand of chocolate?  I also love Askinosie!

IMG_3426 (1)IMG_3365IMG_3367

IMG_0179Also, you guys, I did some damage at Trader Joe’s the other day.  I spent $75 on stuff I didn’t really need, such as cookies and wine.  Since I live in Springfield now I don’t get to go very often, and I guess I went a little nuts.  Are you loving anything new from TJ’s?

IMG_0190Oh!  I made cocktails in a can on Easter using coconut La Croix, dark rum, mango-lime puree, garnished with fresh mint, kiwi and pineapple.  They were good!  Also, this would be a great mocktail as well – just leave out the rum.  But what fun is that?

IMG_0016Lastly, I feel like I go to Montreal every single week.  The only enjoyment I get is from the sesame bagels at the airport.  They’re sooooo good!  I get a bag to take with me and then I buy one to eat there, and they toast it for me and slather it in butter.  It gives me chills thinking about it. Ooooh. Montreal’s bagel game is strong.



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