Five Flight Attendant Superhero Powers

Five Flight Attendant Superhero Powers

Sticking with the flight attendant theme this week, today we’re going to talk about super secret superhero powers flight attendants possess.
#1 The ability to wake up at ungodly hours and work 12 hour days. The last couple of days I’ve woken up at 3:30/3:45 in the morning. The first day of the trip I woke up at 12:30 AM to commute in to my trip that started at 4:30 AM and then worked until 6 PM. This skill is developed over time. 🙂 The downfall is now I have trouble falling asleep.

#2 The ability to wear high heels and not sit down all day. It’s a requirement for my job to wear a heeled shoe. Not that I’d have it any other way! I enjoy being taller. Plus you feel like a runway model when you sashay down the aisle. I can be on my feet all day long and my legs/feet never hurt. They key is to find good quality comfortable heels and boots. I recommend Clark’s.

#3 The ability to hack into thermostats and change the settings. Insert laughing face emoji because I know how ridiculous I am and this is. A lot of the hotels have a setting on the thermostats where you can only turn the heat up so high or the AC so low, etc. I hate it! You will not control the temperature of my room, Sheraton! I’m a hot sleeper so I like it pretty chilly when I sleep, and I also like the fan constantly going because it drowns out noise from outside of the room. So I google how to override the thermostat system and watch YouTube videos. Sometimes it’s as easy as pushing a few buttons and sometimes, like last night, I had to get out my tweezers and do some handiwork. Teehee.

#4 The ability to be patient. You have to be patient at all times as a flight attendant and can’t let anything get to you. Or at least pretend it doesn’t get to you. If a passenger screams at me I must remain calm, be nice back to them, and try to help. It’s not always easy. I think after a while you sort of become numb to it and it doesn’t bother you as much.

#5 The ability to be thrifty AF. Unless you’re a mainline flight attendant that’s been with your company for a good number of years, you’re probably not making much money. You’re being paid peanuts to literally hand out peanuts. The lack of income makes you reallly creative on ways to save money and get by. I talked about this in my last post, but the biggest way I can save money is by not eating out a lot (which is bad news for my Instagram), meal planning and meal prepping. I shop at Aldi A LOT. Many flight attendants save money by living in a crashpad, which is a house/apartment that multiple flight attendants and/or pilots live in. Everyone is typically gone most of the time so it doesn’t get very crowded, plus you can split the rent. You can also save money on gas because you’re not driving back and forth to work every day, money on a gym – because you can work out at the hotel gym, money on cable/satellite because you can watch it at the hotel and oh, also because it’s not worth it.

Being a flight attendant can be very rewarding and fun, but of course it has its downfalls. I feel like since I’ve had this job I’ve become a harder worker, more reliable, more responsible, a more social person, and a better person in general. I don’t regret it one bit! I’m so thankful I’ve gotten to visit as many places as I have because of this job.

Oh and if the formatting and pictures seem weird it’s because I blogged this on my phone! I have to always fix things when I get on my laptop.


2 thoughts on “Five Flight Attendant Superhero Powers

  1. How does your body clock respond to those crazy hours? Are you able to catch up on sleep on your days off or do you wake up at 4 am? I’d never be able to do the hours but would love the travel part.


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