A Day of Flight Attendant Eats

A Day of Flight Attendant Eats

Hi everyone! It’s “Emely” here. Have you ever been curious what flight attendants eat while they’re working all day on a plane? No? Well, it’s A LOT of pretzels, Biscoff cookies and coffee. Or maybe that’s just me. I try not to spend tooo much money on food while I’m on a trip (with the exception of a good layover) especially in the airports, where the food is crazy expensive. I feel like food is almost double the price you’d pay outside of the airport. I try to pack as much food as I can in my lunchbox so I don’t spend money and I can eat healthier. Also, there’s a lot of times when you’re working and there’s no time to buy food or eat. Seriously, there’s a lot of times I’m trapped on a plane all day and night and there’s no time for that Chick-fil-A sandwich.

I’m always curious what other people eat while they’re on the job, or what other flight crew members pack in their lunchbox, which is what inspired this post.

A day of Emily Eats!  Emely Eats.  First off, I try to drink a glass of water when I wake up and all throughout the day. If it’s a good day and the airport Starbucks line isn’t too long I’ll get a medium latte or red eye to drink. This is key to my mood throughout the rest of the day. Coffee starts the day off right and puts me in a good mood. No coffee turns me into a grumpy Cathy cartoon.

The coffee will hold me over for a good while. Like usually around three hours. I’m never that hungry when I wake up so it takes me a while to get that appetite going. Today I ate a banana with natural peanut butter and a Think Thin bar which I’d never had before. I thought it was okay; it kind of tasted like a peanut butter protein candy bar. Do you like these bars? What’s your favorite kind of energy/granola bar? I don’t usually eat bars but lately I have been just for the convenience. I’d like to eat some that are actually nutritious and hold me over. RX bars seem pretty healthy but Lordy they’re expensive.  Are they not giving us the recipe on the package?  Why don’t we just make them ourselves?

Another one of my go-tos is packaged unsweetened instant oatmeal with banana and peanut butter. Aldi has a sweetened version with flaxseed that I like also.

During flights when I have some downtime I like to drink a cup or two of tea. Lately I’ve been drinking matcha or turmeric-ginger tea with lemon. I’ll also pack kombucha and coconut water in my lunchbox to drink for a treat. Oh! And of course I have a seltzer or two a day. 🙂

Snacks! For this trip I packed a couple of bags of Boomchickapop mixed with dried fruit and nuts. I also like to pack hummus with crackers & veggies, peanut butter filled pretzel pillows, Greek yogurt with fresh fruit (banana, strawberries, blueberries, grapefruit, mango), those little pea pod chips, and I also love Asian snack mix with wasabi peas and sesame sticks.

Packing dinner is the difficult part. Lately I’ve been frustrated with not having access to a refrigerator in hotels and haven’t been packing many things that need to be kept cold. It’s a chore to change out ice packs in your lunchbox for four-six day trips. So, soup it is! I like these Campbell’s Slow Kettle soups because I don’t need a bowl to heat them in, and they taste a little better than canned soup. I’m in between living situations right now (I’m moving locations in Springfield soon) so I’m not cooking much these days. I have packed a couple of grain bowls I made that were pretty good. One was an Asian veggie grain bowl and the other was a curry roasted cauliflower-chickpea-sweet potato quinoa bowl. I’ve found cold vegetable pasta salad hold up pretty well, too. I have trouble with lettuce salads lasting more than a day throughout a trip; they wilt almost immediately or get crushed. Oh! I also try to eat any meat on the first day and not keep it very long, otherwise it gets a little sketchy. Nobody wants to get food poisoning on a plane!

I usually always have a bar of dark chocolate in my bag for dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth. If only I could pack ice cream…..

What do you pack to eat when you go to work? I’d love any tips and recommendations!


9 thoughts on “A Day of Flight Attendant Eats

  1. I’m with you about coffee. It’s not fun not having it. That’s so hard about getting decent food on the road. That soup idea is good, but you must be starving! Just be careful about packing homemade food with ice packs. Probably it will be fine, but MAYBE it won’t. And could there be anything worse than being stuck on a plane WORKING when food poisoning kicks in?!! 😲 There should be a Plated, requiring no cooking or refrigeration, for flight attendants! There you go, Em. I’m giving you that idea!

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    1. They’re actually pretty filling! Plus, I have snacks. 🙂 Yeah, it gets real sketchy with homemade food. I always get so worried I’ll get sick. I love it! I’m going to run with your Plated idea. 🙂


  2. I keep Starkist flavored tuna pouches at my office when I need a quick snack. I don’t care much for fish but I eat low carb so it’s easy quick and healthy and all the different flavors keep it interesting. And you can wait til they’re on sale to stock up.

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  3. i always love seeing what people eat in a day. i pack my lunches for work every day – usually some type of roasted veggie/grain mix. i love black bean and sweet potato bowls, with maybe some rice or quinoa. maybe sandwiches or wraps? with hummus and vegetables? hummus, potato, and kale tacos are actually delicious – i was eating those for lunch for a while, and they’re good cold.

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