TJ Maxx Haul

This week I’ve had some days off which is always a good thing and a bad thing. I tend to go shopping on my days off and then I spend too much money! I’ve been pretty good lately with the money spending so I splurged at TJ Maxx the other day and decided to share it with you. So continue reading if want to see my Maxxinista haul. If I have any male readers left I’ve surely lost them by now. 🙂

I went on a Monday and I think I hit the makeup jackpot. They had Too Faced, MAC, Smashbox and Burberry.

I thought this Too Faced White Chocolate Chip eye shadow palette was just the cutest and I think it’ll be great for traveling since it’s so small. The sparkly black shade will be great for taking the eye look from day to night.

I’ve always wanted to try these Too Faced melted lipsticks. I bought the colors Chocolate Cherries and Melted Coral. They were only $4.99! I mostly wear nudes so this is my attempt to shake things up.

More Too Faced – the cutest little baby lipstick ever in Naked Dolly.

Last makeup product, a cheap palette with blush, bronzer and highlighter. TBD whether this is decent or not.  I mostly bought it just to try out some different blush colors.

Everyone needs a good notebook, right? The cacti sold me.

Not one, but TWO rose scented natural deodorants. I’ll smell fresh as a rose!

If you couldn’t tell from the pictures I post, I don’t ever really do my nails. I’ve never gotten a manicure. I’ve only had two pedicures in my life. I hate the feeling of long nails (it gives me the heebie geebies), and it drives me crazy when the polish chips. I basically stopped wearing nail polish after culinary school because it wasn’t allowed. I may give it a go and try wearing this gel nail polish from Essie. The color is a pretty pale baby doll pink called Wearing Hue.

I use self tanner quite a bit, so I stock up when I can. This gradual tan moisturizer is from First Aid Beauty which is a brand I like.

TJ Maxx got me at the checkout with these under-eye treatments. They always put the best stuff right around the area where you stand in line to checkout! Especially the snacks. I’ve bought these under-eye pads before, but I seriously never notice a difference after using them. So why do I keep buying them? Does anyone think they work? Or do you have a brand you recommend?

Lastly, we have some essential peppermint oil. I like to mix this into my lip glosses and lotions. I rub the minty-lotion on my feet and then wear thick socks to keep my feet soft. You can also drop a few drops of oil in your shower for a little aromatherapy. Does anyone use essential oils or a diffuser?


3 thoughts on “TJ Maxx Haul

  1. you had some fantastic makeup buys, I will be on the lookout for first aid beauty products at our TJ Maxx, I usually buy it at Sephora. Thanks for sharing….

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