Lexington Love

Lexington Love

I told you last month that I’d been visiting Kentucky a lot – a few time to Louisville and twice to Lexington. We stay downtown Lexington and it’s a pretty cute little area. I didn’t have a ton of time (or money) to explore but I did manage to take a little walk.

Lots of horse/racing themed murals and statues everywhere

I walked by Mary Todd Lincoln’s childhood home!

I needed coffee by this point so I stopped into a lovely coffee shop called Daily Offerings.

I hardly ever order drip or pour over coffee – not that I don’t enjoy it! I just love milky lattes and cappuccinos so much. Daily Offerings was great! The latte was delicious and the space was great for studying or getting some work done.

I didn’t stay long though, because I had food on my mind, and one item in particular:

The Kentucky Hot Brown. I’d heard of this open-faced sandwich and never had one before. What better time than in Kentucky?? I went to Stella’s Kentucky Deli for this Kentucky Hot Brown.

So it’s toasted bread with roasted turkey on top, bacon, tomatoes, and mornay sauce. Mornay sauce is Bechamel with Gruyere cheese. I have to say, it looks pretty sloppy, but it tasted delicious!

Have you ever had one before? So what else did I miss out on in Lexington? I’d like to go back sometime soon!


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