This Saves My Dry Skin

IMG_3375Has anyone used Rosehip Oil before? I started using it a few months ago and have noticed a difference in my skin. I have extremely dry skin and hair, no matter how much water I chug. I am constantly slathering my skin with lotion, applying lip gloss, and coating my hair in coconut oil as a hair mask. Still so dry.

My face is even drier because occasionally I use chemical peels, as well as a Clarisonic and a microdermabrasion tool. Insert embarrassed face emoji. I take skin care fairly seriously.

I bought some rosehip oil to try because I heard it’s great for dry skin plus it has anti-aging properties. The oil is cold pressed from the seeds of rose fruits, known as the hips, and is valued as a potent skin rejuvenator.


When I wake up, I pump two to three drops of oil into my hand, mix it with my moisturizer, and pat it onto my skin. Then at night I pat two-three drops onto my skin and use a moisturizing rose facial spray. Along with a few other steps. I have a whole routine, and it takes way too long. Maybe I’ll blog about it sometime.

Anyway, my skin feels so much better and much more moisturized, giving me that dewy glow. My skin hasn’t broken out at all since using it. I would be wary about buying rosehip oil from stores like T.J.Maxx/Marshalls because the oil is perishable. It’s advised to refrigerate rose hip oil and use within six months of opening.


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