Lattes in Louisville

Lattes in Louisville

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This winter was the first time I’ve been to Louisville, Kentucky.  I’ve had a layover there every single week this month.  Next week I go to Lexington, Kentucky.  What is going on in Kentucky these days?!  I’ve never flown into Kentucky so much in my life.  It’s not even horse racing season!  Anyway, unfortunately, every time I’ve arrived in Louisville it’s been extremely late at night due to flight delays.  Also, it’s been freezing cold.  Then the other day it was 80 degrees!  I forgot to pack clothes other than workout stuff, so I put on my gym shorts, laced up my sneakers, and finally left the hotel…

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We stay downtown, right along the Ohio River.  I took a little stroll, soaked up some sunshine, and listened to a little Otis Redding.  It was lovely!  I’m trying to save money for an upcoming vacation, so I’ve been packing a lot of food on my trips and not eating out too much lately, with the exception of cheap fast food. 😦

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My Mocha

I do allow myself to spend some money on coffee, because coffee is life and I must have it to to function properly.  I’m not working five flights in a day and not having coffee.  I can’t even fathom what that would be like.

I walked down the street from the hotel, spotted Heine Brothers Coffee and decided to give it a try before getting ready for work.  From their website:

“Heine Brothers’ is a 100% fair trade & organic coffee roaster. We opened our 1st shop in October 1994 in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, KY, and now have 13 shops and a mobile Airstream espresso bar, all in Louisville. From the beginning, Heine Brothers’ has been committed to operating responsibly and sustainably – donating to numerous community groups, recycling, being founding members of the world’s 1st fair-trade coffee buying cooperative, buying locally. Through your support we strive to do even more, while offering exceptional drinks, perfectly-roasted coffee and friendly service.”

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I had a mocha and a chocolate babka muffin.  I guess I allow myself to have babka on my budget, as well. I wasn’t planning on getting anything to eat, but I knew I had to try the babka… how often do you see babka in the South?  Everything was delicious!  I will definitely always stop in here before work to get a coffee.

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I bought some beans for my sweetie!

I’m hoping to get out more in Louisville next time I’m there and the weather is nice.  Have you ever been?  Do you have any recommendations on things to do or places to eat?
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