My New Favorite Kicks


I have to say, the best new fashion trend has to be… drumroll….

Athleisure.  Thank the heavens!  What took so long?  To think I’ve been a fool, dressing up all these years, wearing high heels and tight dresses.  Let’s all rejoice and be comfy together! Now it’s acceptable to wear leggings, sweats, baggy T-shirts, sweatshirts and sneakers in public every day without feeling guilty about it.  In fact, you look extremely posh.  I’m pretty sure Kylie wore that sweatshirt last week.
IMG_3359Anyway, I had to show you my new favorite Adidas sneakers I bought.  I got them from Marshalls for only $34 the other day, and I’m pretty sure they usually run around $60.  Run to see if they still have them!  If they don’t have your size, don’t fear.  I tried on a 6 1/2 and it fit; it’s even a little big.  I usually wear a size 7.

I’m ready to run a race

I’m not sure of the exact name of these, but they’re a pretty traditional Adidas sneaker.  They’re so comfy, cute, and go perfectly with leggings and skinny jeans.  I’m sick of buying sneakers that are cute but aren’t practical… like I need sneakers I can walk around all day in New York City in without getting blisters.


Author: wanderlustpig

I'm a wandering foodie. Nomad SGF/CHI/STL/RDU Culinary/Pastry School Grad Hungry Traveler Pigging out on food across the country!

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