Oh My Lans, I Broke My Highlighter

Has this ever happened to you? I’ve broken drugstore makeup products before and always tossed it. Not today! Not with this high end highlighter I purchased. It’s Becca’s Champagne Pop and it’s on the pricey size. I don’t usually buy expensive makeup, but I did buy this a year or two ago. It’s really pretty! To be honest, I’ve found drugstore highlighters just as good. Anyway, you can save your makeup by doing this….

Scoop out the powder, place it in a baggie and crush it with a spoon.

Place it back in the compact, sprinkle it with a few drops of rubbing alcohol, and mix to combine. I feel like I’m writing a recipe now.

Press it flat using the back of a spoon. Let it dry overnight until the alcohol smell is gone.

Then voila! You can use your makeup again. Has anyone tried doing this? Or do you have a better approach? I wonder if you could use vodka in place of the rubbing alcohol?


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