I’m in the Mood for Love…

IMG_3400Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Thoughts on Valentine’s Day?  Too commercial?  Too cheesy? Or do you LOVE it?  I think it’s a fun day and I’ve always enjoyed it, but I’m not one of those girls that expects a romantic steak dinner (although, that does sound nice) and a bouquet of long stemmed red roses (well gosh, that sounds lovely as well… maybe I am that girl??).  Do you have any favorite Valentine’s Day memories?  Most of my memories are from when I was a kid.  I remember scratch-and-sniff Valentines my mom would order every year for me to hand out at school.  I remember making a gigantic Titanic Valentine’s Day box one year (it won first place in the contest, by the way.  Ahem).  I remember one year my dad giving me a geode as a present and my mind was blown.  I was that kid that had a huge rock collection.  Should’ve became a geologist.

Are you doing anything special today with your loved ones?  My suggestion is to watch a movie and order in some Chinese.  Or Thai.  Or ramen/sushi.  Or phó.  As far as movies go…IMG_3401
(Random fact: I had Bill Murray on one of my flights and served him drinks!)

These are the top 100 Romance Movies according to Rotten Tomatoes.  What do you think?  Did any of your favorites make the list?  A few of my favorites: Say Anything, Titanic (obvs), Gone With the Wind, The Princess Bride, Lost in Translation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Midnight in Paris.  I’m realizing there’s so many more I need to see!


Author: wanderlustpig

I'm a wandering foodie. Nomad SGF/CHI/STL/RDU Culinary/Pastry School Grad Hungry Traveler Pigging out on food across the country!

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  1. Your list has revealed to me that I have failed as a parent!! I was telling my 27 y.o. daughter about it and discovered she’s never seen Gone With The Wind! Where does one find the parenting police? I must turn myself in.
    But why are there only 99 movies on Rotten Tomatoes’ best 100 movie list?? Many of them I’ve seen but I’ll be looking up the rest now. I especially love older movies so they’ll be top of my list.
    It’s great to connect with you again! ❤

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